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Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice
30 Front Street East
Bedlington NE22 5AA

Guidepost Dental Practice has permanently closed.

Private patients of Guidepost Dental Practice are still being seen by their usual dentist but in a new location at Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice, 30 Front Street East, Bedlington, NE22 5AA, telephone 01670 828402.

You can still book appointments with Mr Richard Fretwell, Mr Alan Forrest Mr Rob Banks by the email and voucher contacts on this website, or visiting, or using the contact information as below:

Welcome to Guidepost Dental Practice

Welcome to Guidepost Dental Practice, an independent dental practice based in the Morpeth, Choppington area of Northumberland. Our team work together to deliver high standards of dentistry and exceptional customer care. As a result of this team effort we are proud to have been voted runners up in the "best family business in Northumberland" and "most exceptional customer service provider in Northumberland."

Whatever YOU need, we can help. Do YOU want whiter teeth, brighter teeth, straighter teeth, healthy teeth or simply great looking teeth? WE would love to help.

"Live life with a smile" is our practice philosophy. All our dedicated staff promote dental health at all times and we always put our clients first. Therefore we recommend regular six-monthly dental health checks.

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Because we focus on preventing future teeth and gum problems your dental care will be simpler and easier for years to come.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Northumberland

Our commitment to providing advice and education will allow you to maintain a healthy smile. In addition, our team of cosmetic dentists would love to discuss any concerns you may have and make sure that you fully understand the options of care available to you.

Guidepost Dental Practice cosmetic dental procedures have been created to relax and reassure you throughout your treatment and we're pleased to welcome patients from all round the Newcastle area including Morpeth, Ashington, Bedlington as well as Guidepost and Morpeth...

WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU START TO "Live Life with a Smile" Ring our team on 01670 828402

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