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Bedlingtonshire Dental Practice
30 Front Street East
Bedlington NE22 5AA

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Dentists for Ashington Guidepost Dental Practice

Welcome to Guidepost Dental Practice, an independent dental practice based in the Ashington area of Northumberland.

When you come to see us you will experience the highest level of customer care and exceptional dentistry by a team that are proud to have been voted runners up in the "best family business in Northumberland" and "most exceptional customer service provider in Northumberland." We truly are proud to serve the people of Ashington and surrounding area.

Whatever YOU need, we can help. Do YOU want whiter teeth, brighter teeth, straighter teeth, healthy teeth or simply great looking teeth? WE would love to help.

"Live life with a smile" is our practice mantra, this means that we help you put your dental health first for a healthy and fresh smile. Maintaining a focus on prevention rather than cure keeps the cost of dentistry down for you and helps keep you healthy at the same time.

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General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Ashington

Our commitment to providing advice and education will allow you to maintain a healthy smile. In addition, our team of cosmetic dentists would love to discuss any concerns you may have and make sure that you fully understand the options of care available to you.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU START TO "Live Life with a Smile" Ring Emma or Chris on 01670 828402

How to find our dental practice from Ashington by car

Distance: 2.9 miles
Time: 0 hr 6 min

Start out on Station Road, Ashington
Turn right onto Booths Road to A197
At roundabout take the 2nd exit, then at roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A197 to Morpeth A1068
Turn left onto the A1068 to Newcastle
Sheepwash Bridge (River Wansbeck)
Arrive on Front Street, we are number 22

How to find our practice by bus from Ashington to Guidepost

Ashington - Wansbeck Est. - Guide Post - Morpeth - Newcastle

X18 service

Ashington Bus Station 0657 0657 0732 .... .... 0857 then at 57 past until 1357 1457 1557 1707
Stakeford, Half Moon 0704 0704 0739 .... .... 0904 then at 04 past until 1404 1504 1604 1714
Wansbeck Glendale Ave 0706 0706 0741 .... .... 0906 then at 06 past until 1406 1506 1606 1716
Guide Post Shops 0710 0710 0744 .... .... 0910 then at 10 past until, 1410 1510 1610 1720

Newcastle - Morpeth - Guide Post - Wansbeck Est. - Ashington

X18 service

Guide Post Shops 0840 0940 then at 40 past until 1640 1745 1810 .... 1855
Wansbeck Glendale Ave 0844 0944 then at 44 past until 1644 1749 1814 .... 1859
Stakeford, Half Moon 0846 0946 then at 46 past until 1646 1751 1816 .... 1901
Ashington Bus Station 0853 0953 then at 53 until 1653 1758 1823 .... 1908